Top Space-Saving Tips for Commercial Kitchens

April 7, 2018

Top Space-Saving Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Space is always an important consideration when setting up a kitchen, and this is even truer for commercial kitchens. With a strong focus on functionality and the kitchen supplies that meet the needs of your commercial kitchen, it’s easy to forget that a kitchen is much more functional and efficient when it is properly spaced out and cooks do not have to jump over themselves to get things done. Here are a few ways to save space in your commercial kitchen so that your cooks and your customers are happy.

Choose Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Carefully

Some commercial kitchen supplies are large but fundamental for every kitchen – such as a refrigerator, work table, table pans, take-out supplies, food carriers, and other basic kitchen supplies. Optimize your choices by selecting only those supplies that are most important, without compromising too much on size (the equipment should be made for commercial use).

Avoid the temptation to stockpile kitchen supplies simply because they are on sale or you might need them someday. Another great way to save space is to opt for commercial multipurpose equipment. An example would be having a single equipment serve as refrigerator, freezer and worktop.

Position Supplies for Increased Efficiency

A kitchen doesn’t have to be huge to be efficient and functional. By being mindful of your placement of kitchen supplies throughout your commercial kitchen, you can optimize your work environment and your work flow.

It is usually easier to configure square layouts than other kitchen shapes. Regardless of its shape, though, you can optimize your commercial kitchen for workflow by grouping similar kitchen supplies together, depending on their uses. Carefully decide on the positions of the service, production and food receiving points. This way, cooking can transition seamlessly from one stage to another.

Optimize Your Storage Space

When designing your commercial kitchen, it is understandable that you would want to have as much storage space as possible. However, you also want to consider the size of your restaurant and the amount of food you will be serving when deciding just how much storage space is required. Of course, consideration must be given to your choice of kitchen supplies, too.

Assess the various refrigeration options available to you for cold storage (such as glass door units, under-counter fridges and walk-ins) before deciding which of these kitchen supplies is just right for your restaurant. Small dry storage areas can be maximized to fit more through proper arrangement and organization.

Maximize Vertical Space

The decision to configure your commercial kitchen vertically will likely be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your setup process. Vertical repurposing of your kitchen provides an opportunity to take advantage of unused and ill-occupied spaces. Wall shelving, commercial grid wall systems and durable commercial hooks affixed to the walls or ceilings can take smaller – and sometimes even larger – kitchen supplies (like cookware and accessories) off the ground and countertops, thus providing more space in the kitchen.

Your kitchen supplies and appliances do not have to occupy all of the available space in your commercial kitchen. By following the above tips, you can maximize the space in your kitchen by using it well. The result will be a kitchen optimized for efficiency, productivity, and organization.


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