Build Up Your Employees with Fun Perks

November 1, 2018

Your employees do a lot for you. You depend on them to follow protocols, serve customers with kindness, and keep your commercial kitchen in top shape.

Of course, you provide them with a great working environment. But why not thank them in additional ways – with fun perks that make them excited to come to work?


It’s challenging to find great employees. When you build them up, the best ones will enjoy work more and it will encourage them to stay with your restaurant longer!


Here are some fun perks to share with your staff.


Free Shift Meals

With economic pressure increasing on all fronts, free shift meals are often cut by restaurant owners. But honestly, it’s a small price to pay to keep employees focused.


People who haven’t eaten or skip meals are in danger of a variety of health problems. It also leads to lower brain function, mood swings, and increased stress.


If you want your employees at their best, keep the free shift meals. It also reduces the temptation to snitch a bite here and there from your commercial kitchen!


Help With Childcare and/or Transportation

No, you may not be able to have an onsite daycare, but there’s a lot of room between doing nothing and hiring childcare workers for your restaurant.


Why not offer a stipend that can be used for living and transportation expenses, including childcare? You don’t want to offer it only to parents because your other employees deserve perks as well. But a stipend can make it easier to get the help they need.


This step benefits your commercial kitchen as well because you’ll be less likely to have employees bail on shifts due to problems getting to work or having kids cared for!


Every employee will appreciate your kindness and compassion, and it will make your restaurant a desirable place to work.


Hold an Appreciation Event

Consider closing your restaurant for a partial or full day simply to celebrate your staff! You can hold the appreciation event at your location, or go offsite for bowling or even an obstacle course.


It’s best to avoid overt “team building,” as those types of things cause eye-rolls from even the most seasoned and loyal employees. However, the fact is that an appreciation event for those who work so hard for your commercial kitchen does build your team.


Developing camaraderie and showing that your team really matters to you will bring benefits to your restaurant for months to come!


Take Care of Your Commercial Kitchen Staff!

You never want to take your employees for granted. You don’t want them taking their jobs for granted, so return the favor of appreciation!


When you take care of the staff in your commercial kitchen, you’ll be amazed at how much better they’ll take care of you. Of course, appreciation isn’t the only step – you want to make sure they cook on the best equipment and have all the supplies you need.


If you’re looking for new cooking equipment for your Little Rock restaurant, we’d love to help. Contact us today!

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