Tipton Equipment Restaurant Supply is proud to be a partner with Culinary Classes at UCA Downtown! UCA outreach is responsible for this exciting new Conway attraction. Whether you’re a novice chef or you’re a pro looking to hone your culinary skills even further, these classes have something for everyone!


We’ve equipped UCA Downtown with state-of-the-art culinary stations and the latest cooking utensils so their pupils can experience what it’s really like to cook professionally. Everything is easier, safer, and more efficient when you use the proper tools. They also boast some of the best instructors in Conway who are equipped and ready to lead participants through a new culinary adventure. All of the classes are held at UCA Downtown

Why Should I Take Cooking Classes?

There are so many reasons to take cooking classes – from treating yourself to better tasting, healthier dishes, to learning how to stay safe around knives and hot surfaces there’s no way to not benefit from learning more. 

Learn New Recipes 

Whether you’re single, live with a partner, or you’re meal planning for a family of six you know that variety is the spice of life! Everyone gets sick of eating the same thing over and over again – no matter how easy or cheap they are to create! Attending a cooking class can inspire you to get out of your recipe rut and try something new. And when you’re inspired you can inspire others! Bring the kids, your partner, or your friends into the kitchen and make it a learning experience for everyone.

Meet New People

If you’re like most adults, you know that it can be hard to make new friends and find people with similar interests once you’re out of college – especially if you have kids! But if you love to cook, guess who else will be in cooking classes…? Other adults who like to cook, that’s who! So whether you’re attending by yourself or as a couple, you’re sure to make a few connections and share a few laughs over the chopping boards. Just don’t get too distracted and burn your dish! Although that would be a hilarious story to tell people about how you met your new besties…

Try New Foods

A lot of picky eaters are picky because they assume that certain foods won’t taste good without ever trying them. And just like using the same recipes over and over it’s easy to fall into a supermarket slump and buy the same vegetable, meats, and spices every time you go. We get it – it’s familiar and easy! But maybe you’ve been eyeballing those spaghetti squash recipes or you’re ready to learn how to cook literally anything besides baked chicken breasts again. A cooking class is a perfect place to try a new ingredient – you’ll learn how to prepare and cook it properly and bring out the best in the flavors in a way that’s difficult to imitate alone at home.  

Great for Date Night

Tired of dinner and a movie? Netflix and chill feeling a little stale after a few months (or years – let’s be honest)? A cooking class is a perfect way to “spice up” your evening adventures! You’ll be working together to prepare the meal which will make you feel closer. You’ll be learning something new which lights up the dopamine (happy chemicals) section of your brain. And then you get to eat the delicious food you prepared together when it’s over! And if you or your partner is usually the one who rules the kitchen, this can be a great way to change that dynamic into one of teamwork – help build your partner’s skills and boost their self-esteem at the same time! 

Healthier Options

So this will obviously depend on which class you choose – Molten Chocolate Cakes for Two will just never, ever (sadly) be healthy – but in general cooking at home will almost always be healthier than going to a restaurant. You control the amount of salt and oil and butter going into the dish and you can modify the recipe based on your health needs. And taking classes that are specifically for healthier eating – like “Salads as a Meal” – will give you a recipe to keep up your sleeve that makes you feel healthier without sacrificing taste, which makes you much likelier to eat that way more often!

Teaches You New Skills

If you’ve ever watched YouTube for tutorials or watched Gordon Ramsey’s MasterClass you may have watched in awe as they dice an onion in one minute – without crying! – or julienned a potato or butchered a whole chicken. It looks intimidating but these are the kind of skills you can learn in a cooking class. There’s really no trick to these kinds of knife skills – it’s just being shown and then practice, practice, practice! A cooking class can help equip you with these skills in a non-threatening environment with a teacher who knows what they’re doing and can correct you in real-time.

Culinary Team Building Challenges 

Cooking classes aren’t just for individuals! They can also be excellent team-building exercises for your company, friend group, or sports team. Creativity, cooperation, and communication are all key components of cooking together – sound like something your team could benefit from? You’ll get to explore your creative side in a structured environment that encourages communication and collaboration. And then you get to share a meal that you all created together! What could be more inspiring than that?


If you’d like to register for cooking classes or sign up for the Culinary Team Building Challenge, contact UCA Downtown. 

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