Considerations when Converting a Food Truck to a Restaurant

December 9, 2018

Your food truck has been successful, and you have a loyal following. So loyal, in fact, that you struggle to serve them all each day.

Customers have started to ask you when you’re going to open a restaurant. It started as a teasing suggestion, but it’s become more insistent now that the crowds are growing.

Should you convert your food truck to a physical restaurant? Here are the things to consider, from location to key restaurant equipment.


Does a Restaurant Fit Your Vision?

People start food trucks for a variety of reasons. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing areas of food service. But that doesn’t mean every food truck owner wants to run a restaurant!

Having a food truck can give you a lot of freedom and a small venue to experiment with different types of food. Once you move to a physical restaurant, a lot can change.

Before you take the plunge, make sure that having a restaurant isn’t someone else’s vision for you. Instead, it should match the goals you have.

Investing in restaurant equipment and more is a mistake if your heart is not in it!


Can You Find the Right Location?

One big benefit of a food truck is that you can serve a variety of neighborhoods. Once you “settle down”, you have to have only one location.

Look for locations that give you a lot of visibility. You need an area with adequate parking – or a location very close to a metro station if you’re in a large city.

Also, ensure that you have the space you need for important restaurant equipment, seating, cleaning, and more. You’ll need a server’s station, and you might even think about putting in a bar. Just because a space looks big doesn’t mean it’s big enough for a restaurant!

Before you take the final step, have your food truck near your target location for a week or two. Find out if your customers follow you and if they stick with you in that location.


Does it Fit in the Budget?

Having a restaurant is more expensive than maintaining a food truck. You have to buy a lot of extra restaurant equipment, get décor, more staff, and additional insurance.

You won’t be paying for gas anymore, but you’ll have the utility payments at the restaurant instead. Before you make the move, be sure that you have the cash on hand that you’ll need.

If you always wanted to be a chef or own a restaurant, and your food truck was an experiment to see if it would work, then a well-planned transition can be perfect. If you’ve built the customer base and popularity, go for it!

On the other hand, if you had a food truck because you love the freedom of a small-scale business, the change to a physical space may not be right for you. Only you know!


Get the Restaurant Equipment You Need – Truck or Restaurant!

If you are moving to a physical space, you’ll need restaurant equipment you don’t currently have. Getting high-quality equipment for a great price is essential to stay on budget and keep your dream on track.

For food truck and restaurant owners in the Little Rock area, Tipton Equipment is exactly what you need. We’ve served this area for years, and we’re excited about the opportunity to help you make your dreams come true.

Contact us for a quote on the equipment you need today!

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