How to Reduce Noise From Restaurant Equipment and More

November 1, 2018

Having a popular restaurant is wonderful. You have a lot of guests, tables turn over quickly, and you and your employees make a lot of good money every night.

  However, sometimes popular spots can get low ratings for a simple reason – they’re too loud! It’s not an enjoyable dining experience if you feel you have to shout to talk to your friends or family.   It can also be frustrating if restaurant equipment is loud, or everyone can hear each other’s conversations.   How can you keep noise levels low and help give a sense of privacy and quiet to guests? Here are some tips.

Have Either a Soft Floor or a Soft Ceiling

Why do so many restaurants have carpet when it’s so hard to clean? Very simply, because soft floors do a great job at muffling noise.   If your restaurant needs hard floors for aesthetic reasons, that can work, as long as you soften sound in other ways. A ceiling that has acoustic tiles or baffles of foam can absorb a lot of noise.   You can also use acoustic panels on the walls to cut down on the transmission of noise and conversation. Every step helps!

Think Through the Placement of Loud Restaurant Equipment

Another step you can take is placing noisy restaurant equipment away from diners. That ice machine that’s constantly running? Put it in or near the kitchen. You may also want to invest in a model that has a roof-mounted condenser.   Side stations are another culprit that can be very loud. While you want them to be conveniently located for your staff, you want to keep the noise of clanging glasses and supplies to a minimum. If they have to be near diners, consider surrounding them with curtains and acoustic tiles to reduce the noise.   If possible, think through the noise from compressors, refrigerators, heaters, and more. While you want loud restaurant equipment away from customers, putting all the noise in the back of the house can make it hard for your kitchen to hear each other. This can lead to errors and even dangerous accidents.   Instead, spread things out and find a way to keep as much noise outside as possible.

Consider Window Treatments as Well

You might think of windows as a place where outside noise can come in, and you’d be right. But glass can also reflect the noise inside your restaurant, causing it to bounce around.   The good news is that simple valances or curtains can make a big difference. They will also help insulate the windows so that guests don’t feel too cold in winter or overly warm in summer.   Window treatments are vital restaurant equipment, especially because they can help bring out your restaurant’s concept. It’s an easy way to incorporate colors, images, or themes that are important to your aesthetics.

Get the Right Equipment Today

Sound dampening measures don’t have to interfere with the look and feel of your restaurant. There are so many options available that you’ll be able to find something that works very well with your concept.   Another idea, of course, is to find restaurant equipment that more modern and less noisy. If you’d like help, we’re here for you. We’ve been serving Little Rock restaurants for many years, and we know what works.   Contact us for more information today!

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