Tips on Photographing Used Kitchen Equipment

December 10, 2017

It would be a good guest that you’re reading this blog from a smartphone.

If that is a true statement, it means that you have a high powered camera in the palm of your hands already. And that is all you need to take good pictures of your used kitchen equipment. Whether it’s a picture to use for the Facebook Marketplace or online sale groups, you will want a good quality picture of your used kitchen equipment. A quality photo can also be used on auction websites and apps such as eBay, or the used section of Amazon. But how do you get these quality photos? Well Tipton Equipment Restaurant Supply can help you get that money shot. Here are four tips on photographing your used kitchen equipment.


Make Sure It Turns On

If it turns on, make sure you can you show it working. For example, if it is a gas grill you will want to make sure you can snap a picture of the flames. Use angles to your advantage. Refrigerators and freezers might be a little bit harder. If there is a thermometer inside, that would be good information to show in the picture. This way it is proof that your used kitchen equipment is working, and not used kitchen junk.


Make it Squeaky Clean

Don’t make the mistake of posting a dirty picture. Giving your used kitchen equipment a nice buffer can make it a wow piece. You can use store bought cleaners to give it a quick wipe down, but did you know you can save a trip there? Using a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle, you have an all purpose cleaner. Try using this on stainless steel surfaces and countertops. Now that your used kitchen equipment is nice and shiny, go ahead and snap a picture of it.


It’s all About the Angles

Although this can be tricky, having good angles can make or break a picture. You can follow the rule of thirds, which is also a good tip for pictures in general. Imagine two vertical lines and two horizontal lines intersecting each other, much like a tic-tac-toe grid. Placing subjects where the lines meet can make a picture aesthetically pleasing. For example with a gas grill mentioned before. If the flames are visibly showing, a close up with the fire in section where the “grid” intersects will generally look better than if the flames were centered. Try it out yourself with objects around you.


Take notice of the background

Be mindful of what is the background of your picture. A dirty or unclean background can take away the focus of the picture. Aim for appropriate backgrounds, clean, or solid colors to compliment your used kitchen equipment.


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