3 Times Used Kitchen Equipment is As Good As New

May 20, 2018

Are you nervous about buying used kitchen equipment?

It’s understandable. After all, restaurants are subject to a lot of regulations, and if something goes wrong you could lose your business. However, there are many times that used kitchen equipment makes perfect sense. Here are three times that buying used can save you money and keep your restaurant moving smoothly.

When You Need a Quality Stove Without the Hot Price Tag

Stoves can be one of the biggest and most expensive pieces of equipment your restaurant will purchase. Buying new is a bit like buying a new car – it’s fancy, but the value of it decreases as soon as it’s off the showroom floor. Instead, save money and buy a good quality used grill or range. You definitely don’t want to choose a used stove that’s badly outdated or will need constant repair. However, like a vehicle, you can often get a used model that’s a few years old for a substantial discount. Gas ranges, in particular have long life spans and are a perfect used purchase. Getting a used stove will help you keep your restaurant in top shape at a price your budget can handle.

When You Want Freezers and Coolers that Won’t Freeze the Bank Account

Another great option for buying used kitchen equipment is freezers and coolers. These pieces can, again, be very pricey when new but often are very affordable if they are a few years old. Be sure that the piece is in good working order and that there are no refrigerant leaks or other issues. You’ll also want to be sure to check that the seal is in good shape so that you aren’t losing the cooling you need. When you find a good supplier of high-quality used kitchen equipment, keep their information! You can always get another used model when the life of your current cooler or freezer is over.

When You Need Dining Room Supplies That Won’t Make You Sit in Shock

Do you remember moving into your first apartment? There are things that you expected to need a fair amount of money for – like furniture and a down payment. But then there was everything else. Remember how quickly it added up? The towels, the dishes, the silverware. You may have found you spent more money on “the little things” than on the big portions you budgeted for! Your restaurant dining room can feel the same way as you run your business. You don’t think of tables, chairs, napkins, and glassware as big expenses, but they add up quickly! This is the perfect opportunity to buy used and save significant money. Unlike stoves and coolers, you don’t need to worry about mechanical parts. As long as your furniture is sturdy and the glassware, napkins, and silverware are clean, they are perfect for your use. Even better, these things tend to last a long time – even used! Don’t spend money on new items where it isn’t needed. Outfit your dining room with high-quality used furniture and equipment!

Save Money on Used Kitchen Equipment Today!

At Tipton Equipment, we understand the high price of outfitting a restaurant. That’s why we want to help you save money by offering high-quality used equipment.

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a stove, a cool price reduction on your freezer, or a comfortable budget for your dining room, we’re your go-to suppliers. Contact us for a quote on used kitchen equipment today!

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