The Restaurant Supplies and Strategies You Need in 2019

December 9, 2018

Are you ready for the new year? If you’re like many restaurant owners, you’re thinking about how to get through the holiday rush – both in your restaurant and in your own life.

However, you can’t overlook planning for the future. It’s vital to make sure you have the restaurant supplies and marketing strategies that will help you succeed in 2019.

Here are some things for you to consider!


Engage With Social Media

Believe it or not, the internet is one of the most important restaurant supplies you can work within 2019. Social media means many, many things for restaurants.

Take advantage of your customers’ technology by encouraging them to post on their social media accounts about your restaurant. Use hashtags on Pinterest and Instagram to grab attention for your own posts.

You can also create or join Facebook communities and share tips and ideas. Then, encourage folks to visit your restaurant!

The most important thing is to be social, not self-centered. Be the one at the party everyone enjoys being around, not the self-important bore.


Consider Used Restaurant Supplies to Upgrade or Replace in 2019

When you think of upgrading your restaurant supplies, used equipment may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it can be an excellent, affordable way to get supplies you want but feel you can’t afford!

Of course, don’t choose something that’s badly outdated or needs a lot of repairs. It’s easier than you think to find high-quality used cookware, appliance, refrigerators, and much more.

From the “big things” to the “little things” like dinnerware, silverware, and glasses, buying excellent quality used restaurant supplies can help you stay successful without breaking the bank.


Rank Highly in Google

When someone searches “Italian food in Little Rock” and you run an Italian restaurant in Little Rock, you want to make sure your establishment shows up on the first page. How do you do that?

There are two ways – one is short-term and one is long-term. They are best used together so that you get both a “right now” boost and long-term success.

The short-term solution is to purchase Google ads for the search terms you want to target. Of course, be sure to focus on local terms – if you try to rank highly for “Italian food” by itself you’ll pay a ton of money and not get the results you want!

The long-term solution is to work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your website ranked highly on its own merits. This involves making sure you have consistent new content, use the right keywords throughout your site, and more.

Doing these two things together will help you get great success online in 2019!


Consider Branching Out

Should you add curbside delivery for carryout orders? Are you thinking about deploying a food truck to expand your reach and boost your bottom line? Are there some in-house restaurant events you think could bring in customers?

The new year is a perfect time to consider unique and new outreach options. Make sure you plan carefully and get the restaurant supplies you need. For instance, do you know the important equipment you need to start a food truck?

No matter what supplies you need to execute your 2019 strategies, we’re here to help. From major cooking appliances to smallware and high-quality used items, we’ve been serving Little Rock restaurant owners for many years.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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