Why Your Restaurant Needs an App

January 21, 2019

We know, you’re a restaurant owner, not a developer or programmer. Let other people worry about apps, you just want to run your restaurant!

The truth is if you want to have a successful establishment, you have to take advantage of the technology that brings people in. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard, and the upside can be enormous!

Here’s why your restaurant needs an app, and how it will benefit your commercial kitchen.


Build Your Brand With Loyalty Programs

One of the easiest and best way to use an app is to create a loyalty program with it. No more having to manually punch cards, figure out how to track points, and more. Instead, do everything electronically through the app!

This also gives you maximum flexibility with your program. You can have points redeemable for a variety of items, giving the customer a lot of choices without straining your commercial kitchen.

A loyalty program helps build your brand and gives customers a reason to come see you again and again.


Allow Ordering Ahead With a Restaurant App

People love speed and convenience, so why not give it to them with a restaurant app? Allowing folks to browse your menu at their convenience and order ahead is a get additional sales. Some folks will never come to your restaurant – or will only come occasionally – but they may order takeout regularly.

Making this an option with an app is an easy way to integrate these orders with the normal work for your commercial kitchen to ensure your kitchen equipment is used efficiently. The ordering systems can be integrated, and the time of pickup can be part of the order.

Encourage additional revenue with little additional overhead by having an app where customers can order ahead!


Advertise Specials and Use Location-Specific Targeting

Having an app allows you to reach out to your customers in two unique ways. First, you can have app notifications that let your users know that you have a special, coupon, or other great deal. You can even use a notification to simply remind customers that their favorite food is ready to be ordered!

You can also use geo-location and targeting and deliver specific pop-up ads to users phones when they are within a specific range of your restaurant. You wouldn’t want to overuse this feature, but a nudge to come visit you when they are already in the area can definitely improve your sales.


Allow Restaurant Reservations

If your restaurant takes reservations, you know that some events and holidays have the phone ringing off the hook. Why not make it much easier for your commercial kitchen and your staff by allowing reservations on the app?

Having a calendar that updates real-time and shows available slots saves time and hassle for everyone. It also cuts down on mistakes and helps avoid overbooking.

An app is a great way for everyone in a party to determine when they can get together and schedule the reservation – saving your staff from endless calls, callbacks, and moving reservations.


Your Commercial Kitchen Needs an App!

From ordering to loyalty to reservations, an app can benefit your commercial kitchen in many ways. Best of all, once you’ve got the foundation, you can add additional features as you decide to roll them out.

Test out deals, try new menu items, or even poll your customers about what they’d like to see. An app has endless possibilities!

As you grow you’ll probably need additional restaurant supplies and equipment. We’re here to help. From cooking equipment to smallwares, we can get you the quotes you need. Contact us today!

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